Corporate Social Responsibilities

At VCLS, environmental & social responsibilities are a priority and integral to our mission and values. We aim to build a safer, more sustainable, and more comfortable society for people around the world. We lead through business success and strive to foster trust in our community and society.

Major market, industry and society trends affect our society and the business world. Understanding their implications is essential to our business and to building a relevant response for our clients and collaborators. Beyond our contribution to improving the framework in the healthcare ecosystem, we are convinced that we have a responsibility to play a larger role in our society. In this rapidly changing world, controlling risks and anticipating new uses are essential to guarantee performance and sustainability. We are committed and wish to have a positive and lasting impact, which goes beyond our missions and our expertise.

Thereafter is our Corporate Social Responsibility for the year 2022 which aims to regroup all the essential elements.

An Ethical Approach

As a Regulatory Science partner, acting in an ethical way is paramount at all times. Our employees, partners, and suppliers adhere to our comprehensive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Respect in the workplace

We recruit and treat all employees without discrimination and celebrate individualism. We embrace employee personalities on an individual level and recognize their valuable contribution to the singular personality of the organization.

Diversity, Inclusion & Human Capital

Diversity in the workplace is encouraged at all levels as we know how important it is to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we serve.

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Code of Conduct

Fight Against Disease



Our staff enjoys participating in many charity events to generate awareness of health issues and to raise funds for health and education projects.

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Health & Education Support

Our staff are highly motivated by being able to improve the health and education of those in need. Since our inception, we have provided funding and resources to both non-profit associations and scientific foundations, helping to bring healthcare and education where needed.

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Planet and Sustainability

We recognize the impact that climate change is having on the environment and how it can directly contribute to the deterioration of human health. As a global organization, we take responsibility for doing what we can to protect the planet, making our business sustainable and ultimately serving the health of patients and communities.

We work collaboratively with our employees and partners to encourage responsible behavior and increase our positive impact. This means how we act with regards to office life, employee travel, IT policy, reduction of waste and integration of environmental criteria in purchasing decisions.

Not only do we ensure compliance with regional regulations, but we also anticipate and manage social or environmental risks. Suppliers play a key role in the success of VCLS, so we share our commitment to sustainable development by bringing them alongside our passion for continuous improvement.

We have Key Performance Indicators related to protecting our environment, making our organization and employees accountable for making a positive impact around the world.

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