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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Planet and sustainability

VCLS aims to control and reduce its environmental footprint. We have launched several initiatives to identify major environmental impacts. The optimization of processes from telecommunication, through to the reduction of waste and the mobilization of staff are some that are being targeted.

Activity with Hands On CSR NGO

The VCLS India team participated in a tree planting initiative as a part of environmental sustainability program, a global VCLS CSR activity with Hands On CSR NGO in April 2023.

The activity was to enhance greenery of Maragondanahalli lake, Electronic City, Bengaluru Urban by planting indigenous species of heighted saplings, which have an overall survival rate of 95%. They will grow into trees over next 3-5 years to contribute to environmental sustainability. These saplings have natural resistance to different weather conditions in India and after a year, they will be self-sustainable.  In the first 2 years, the sapling will be nurtured by Hands On CSR NGO, for which financial contribution will be done by VCLS.

All members of the India Team participated in this activity by planting 100+ trees. The enthusiasm, team spirit and coordination was immensely positive, energetic and easily palpable. The team is looking forward to participating in more events and initiatives of this kind.

The Climate Fresk

Our colleagues in the France and Madagascar participated in Climate Fresk Workshops to raise awareness of climate issues in the team in 2023.

The Climate Fresk is an interactive workshop aimed at enhancing awareness and understanding of climate change. It allows participants to immerse themselves in various climate-related scenarios, encouraging discussions about the challenges and potential solutions. It’s an effective tool for climate education and advocacy. The Climate Fresk workshop is one of CSR’s activities to raise employees’ awareness of climate issues.


Green IT

Due to the nature of VCLS business activity, which is to exclusively deliver services, the issue around responsible and green IT equipment represent one of the biggest challenges in terms of carbon footprint. In order to reduce the impact our use of technical devices has on the environment, we have established certain measures:

  • Only purchase Energy Star certified PCs.
  • Give a second life to the former PC fleet. The goal is to clear out all the former PCs while taking it as an opportunity to make use of them. Through the initiative taken with Cèdre, VCLS has already recycled more than 300kg of electronic devices, thus saving thousands of liters of water and hundreds of kilograms of Co2 emissions.
  • Favor quality products to assure a longer life span.
  • Educate collaborators on responsible use of technological devices.

Reducing consumption

In most offices, plastic bottles have been replaced by water fountains. This initiative allowed us to greatly reduce the consumption of plastic. The use of plastic cups is prohibited in Europe thus, paper cups or glasses are being used on site. Most printers are now equipped with badge detection, meaning that documents are solely printed when manually activated to prevent unnecessary printing, wasting ink and paper.

Electricity consumption

Various initiatives have been introduced to lower the consumption. For instance, moving sensors have been installed in several locations, heating and cooling systems have been properly programmed to be the most efficient and more generally speaking collaborators’ awareness is increased through educational content. Most collaborators are located in France, thus, for the first annual CSR report the energy consumed on-site through the buildings has solely been calculated for one location.

Recycling with

Our waste management policy focuses on recycling and shredding the waste produced on-site. Adapted companies allow people with disabilities to access employment under conditions adapted to their abilities and possibilities. Cèdre supports us in the collection, sorting and recovery of our waste. Therefore, we also implemented a well-defined recycling system by installing several bins on each floor in order to properly sort the waste that is produced on-site. Thereby, all floors are equipped with different bins encouraging better waste management. Through Cèdre, the Parisian office now recycles electronic waste, paper, coffee grounds
and capsules, beverages, cartridges and glass.

In 2022, our offices in Rennes (50kg) and Antananarivo (960kg) introduced an adapted waste management plan according to their specific situation. We will deploy it to other offices progressively in the future.


To limit the impact of our business trips, we have implemented high-performance videoconferencing equipment and reduced the amount of business travel. Most locations also provide staff with a bicycle garage, and we have started to equip car parks with electrical outlets to charge vehicles. Each office also has mobility policies to encourage the use of responsible transportation methods through the participation of the employer in mobility plans.

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