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What connects and drives us

People - VCLS


We empower individuals and teams and provide them with an environment to grow and succeed.

We treat others as we would like to be treated with trust, respect and fairness.

We recognize effort and reward success.

Innovation - VCLS


We dare to think out of the box and disrupt the status quo.

We challenge everything in due time, we accept challenge and the right to fail.

In an uncertain, ambiguous and complex world, we move and change with agility.

Passion - VCLS


We work with energy and enthusiasm and we have fun.

We take ownership of our tasks, projects and missions.

We promote the synergy of teamwork.

Excellence - VCLS


We consistently do our best to understand and satisfy the needs of our partners, clients and colleagues.

We bring true added value, discerning the necessary from the superfluous.

We strive to make tomorrow better than today by continuous improvement and learning.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At VCLS, we consider our social responsibility to be one of our priorities, and it remains vital to our mission and values. We aim at building a safer, more sustainable, and more comfortable society for people around the world. We lead through business success and strive to foster trust in our community and society.

Find out more about our Code of Conduct and our Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022.

Fight against disease

Fight against disease

Our team participates in events that support the fight against cancer and other diseases. Through active participation, we aim to share a message of hope to all those affected by difficult diseases.

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Health and education support

Health And Education Support

We help expand access to quality healthcare and educational opportunities to those in need by offering funding and resources to both non-profit associations and scientific foundations.

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Planet and sustainability

Planet & sustainably

We act in different ways to protect the planet and we operate our business sustainably. At VCLS, we focus on the areas where we can have the greatest impact, which include carbon, energy, water and waste.

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What makes VCLS a great place to work


Meaningful work

VCLS helps biotech, pharma and med tech companies delivering innovative therapies to patients.

We are passionate about what we do, we dare to be different and challenge the status quo, while focusing on our mission of being the global partner to expedite access of health tech products to regulated markets.

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Opportunity to grow

The employees at VCLS work in a fast-paced, dynamic and creative environment where learning is a constant.

We thrive in a culture that prioritizes learning, development and progression.

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Diverse and inclusive environment

At VCLS, we are not all the same, but we share one single mission. We welcome all beliefs, juniors and seniors.

Our greatest progress is seen in the under-30 age category with regards to new hires. We are also very proud to have more than 20 nationalities in our team of 200+ people.

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Recognize success and reward for excellence

Enjoy a workplace that recognizes success and rewards performance.

Our employ recognition program creates an environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, and rewarded to do their very best.


Equal opportunities

Women earn the same as men when performing similar work. VCLS scored 94 (out of 100) for the women-men equality index in 2023.

Our scores of the four indicators are:

  • Indicator of the difference in remuneration between women and men: 39/40
  • Indicator of the difference in the rate of salary increase between women and men: 35/35
  • Indicator of the salary increase percentage of female employees in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Indicator of the number of employees under-represented among the 10 highest remuneration: 5/10

In the senior team, women represent the same number as men.


Embrace flexibility

We believe results matter. In this hyper connected world, we offer flexible work options, including work from home, flexible schedules, and home-based employment to have a better balance between professional and private life for our employees.

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