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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Diversity, Inclusion & Human Capital

Diversity and inclusion

We have a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. It is at the heart of our brand and is at the core of how we engage with our collaborators and serve our clients.

We believe it is intrinsically tied to our values. Our talented people are the drivers – they innovate and address the challenges our customers are facing to guarantee their success while being aligned with our values.

Several initiatives have been embedded:

  • Diversity teams
  • Leadership roles are held by a diverse range of experts
  • Support the development of diverse employee groups to increase cultural understanding
  • Provide unconscious bias training
  • Celebrate cultural diversity through hosting Culture Diversity Days

Employees’ wellbeing

We put the VCLS employees at the center of our CSR strategy.

In most of our offices we have a kitchen for meal preparation, shower facilities for those wanting to take exercise and fruit baskets.

In 2022 during the post-pandemic period, a dedicated hotline was set up to provide mental health support to employees in need.

To better manage the post-pandemic impact, a 7/7 telephone line has been put in place for mental health worldwide.

Safety and health insurance

All employees around the world are provided with an Employee Handbook. This document provides a global insight into the policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioral expectations that guide employee actions in the workplace. It allows us to share an approach to addressing workplace issues creating a harmonious, fair, employee and employer-supportive workplace.

Regarding disability – we try to meet and exceed the recommended percentage of people with a disability compared to the total number of employees. In addition, we collaborate with companies in the adapted sector for various services such as the filling of hydro-alcoholic gel or office supplies with Papillons de jour.

Continuous professional development

To allow continuous learning and training for everyone at VCLS, two E-learning platforms have been set up:

Talent LMS is a global e-training platform that helps to ensure all employees and VCLS partners are kept abreast of the latest processes and practices.

In 2022, the platform hosted around 500 courses, with 77% of the active learners above 80% of completion rate in December 2022.

Some good examples of VCLS corporate training modules, in December 2022 the GDPR foundation reached an average score of completion of 94%, and the Code of Conduct reached 97%.

In addition, we offer opportunities to gain access to the E-learning platform of LinkedIn. In 2022, more than 200 employees benefited from over 500 hours on LinkedIn Learning.

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