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By Stage of Medical Device Development

Market Approval

Concept & Feasibility Analyze prototype and concept design Preclinical Development Evaluation of biocompatibility and safety. Analytical validation Clinical Development Assess safety and effectiveness, and gather data for registration and market access           Market Approval Assemble and file an application Commercialization & Post-Market Mitigate risk and remain compliant

Assemble and file an application.

In Europe, CE marking procedures evaluate both the product technical file and the manufacturer’s Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Similarly yet differently, Pre-Market Notification (510k) and Pre-Market Approval (PMA) are required to enter the US market.

Registration dossiers provide comprehensive information about the product and quality assurance, enabling regulatory bodies to assess quality, safety and efficacy/performance in light of test benches, preclinical and clinical data comparatively with the state-of-the-art as well as vigilance and post-marketing surveillance systems in place.

Commercial launch is prepared in parallel to registration. Based on registration labels and claims, the product’s value proposition is finalized, and the launch strategy is refined.

Client Goals

Regulatory strategy and submission

Compile, submit and manage device registrations

Finalize regulatory registration dossiers.

Detail roadmaps for submitting applications internationally.

Risk management

Set up RMP

Finalize post-market surveillance and transition to post-marketing requirements.

Set up post-marketing surveillance plan if applicable.

Stage of development: challenges


  • What are the applicable procedures & requirements for registration in targeted markets?
  • How to adapt registration applications to multiple international markets?
  • How the vigilance system can meet all applicable international requirements?
  • What are the key regulatory provisions in distributors’ agreements?
  • Which market to focus on first?
  • How to approach payers and purchasers?
  • Are promotional materials regulatory-compliant?
  • How to consolidate the product value dossier and prepare it for adaptation to local markets? How to prepare for negotiations with payers?

Our mission

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences is the global reference partner to expedite access of HealthTech products to regulated markets.

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What VCLS Can Do

What VCLS Can Do - Services
  • Streamline the entire submission process from preparing technical file and submission.
  • Flexible vigilance needs to ensure quality and compliance
  • Auditable QMS by regulatory agencies

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