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Patient Engagement

Growing patient involvement in Health Tech products development

  • Value-based healthcare is measured with direct patient outcomes largely developed by patient experts
  • Patients have unique experience and expertise in their disease
  • All along the drug and medical device development, patient experts and groups input is essential

Patient engagement

  • Direct participation of patient experts in the development of Health Tech products
  • Coherent co-construction of the clinical and regulatory strategy


3 levels of patient engagement

Patients are essential in your panel of experts

Patient engagement

  • Did you ever talk to patients to whom you aim to provide solutions?
  • Do you know their actual demand?
  • Do you know the healthcare pathways they follow, the difficulties to get a diagnosis?
  • Are you ready to invest in patient centricity?
  • Do you know that your products will be systematically evaluated by patient experts within regulatory agencies and HTA bodies?

Perform a health check to secure your development

We can help you:

  • Quantify the importance of patient groups in targeted indications and provide tips and solutions
  • Assist you in providing patient expertise in front of regulatory authorities and HTA bodies
  • Build a patient-centered value story to secure your positioning on the market
  • Strategy to integrate patient perspective in your development and selected access pathways

You may also be interested in our solutions for market access, regulatory and clinical trials and medical as they cannot be separated from your work with patient experts.