In VCLS, we are constantly being presented with challenging opportunities for cutting-edge regulatory development. Voisin is a very
Sarah Tuller, J.D.
Cambridge, MA, USA
encourages individual development, whereas the different experiences within the global team guarantees flexible, innovative solutions for our
science-based, multicultural, and creative group of people that thrive on collaboration. This creative, inquisitive spirit infuses our work and
clients. This zest for knowledge and science embodies Voisin Consulting; it also makes work here productive and fun!
Sans titre-6_0.png
Ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and vision are all qualities that are not only talked about at VCLS but
Marcus Deans, M.SC.
Vice President Global Market Access
London, UK
prides itself in its expertise in both the clinical and commercial aspects of Healthcare.
embodied by its staff. Very much a family environment that values competence over confidence and who
With an enterprising drive, a culture of constant improvement, and clients at the forefront of therapeutic innovation,
Vincent Bergeron, M.Sc.
Senior Manager, Business Development
of expertise and subject matter experience help embrace problems as opportunities. For me and my team, this is really empowering.
VCLS provides a dynamic and inspirational work environment. The easygoing atmosphere, and capability to tap into a wealth
Paris, France
Sans titre-7_0.png
I work with a tremendous team of experienced people who are sincerely passionate about what they do - the ability to interact
Richard Dennett, Ph.D.
Rennes, France
always at the cutting edge of regulatory science, this makes for an interesting day job with some fast paced intellectual challenges
on projects on truly global scale makes working at Voisin a pleasure. The broad range and diversity of projects means that you are
no two days are the same and there is never a dull moment!
Sans titre-9.png
I am proud to be a part of VCLS family. VCLS genuinely cares about its people, who are sincerely
Esin Yesilalan, M.Sc.
Senior Regulatory Scientist
Cambridge, MA, USA
to overcome any challenges is very empowering.
passionate to provide the best service to our clients. Having a strong team of experts alongside me
Sans titre-10_0.png
due to a good management structure. Every time I wake up in the morning, I'm happy to go to work as there's a good
Nadiya Zunino
Administrative Assistant
Paris, France
I like to work at VCLS as this company is international, open-minded, there is a possibility to evolve within the company
atmosphere in it.
Sans titre-3_1.png
An English speaker in a French-speaking Switzerland is a daunting proposition. VCLS provides a
Tim Adetona, M.Sc.
Lausanne, Switzerland
"coffee-machine chats" in French.
unique difference, with English as business language and colleagues ever willing to help improve your
Sans titre-8_0.png
I have been with VCLS for more than 10 years now and still experience this extraordinary intellectual
Marie Deneux, Ph.D.
Paris, France
stimulation, within a large variety of challenging projects. With the patient in mind at all times...
At VCLS we enjoy high quality, scientific innovation performed by great multicultural team with positive spirit,
Rajashree Devarakonda, MBBS, M.Sc., CCRP
Director & Head, Indian Operations
Bangalore, India
Senior management is accessible, trusts & invests in individuals, with ongoing opportunities & incentives to learn, develop & grow, both in
leading to fun filled productive work environment; something beyond simply increasing profits.
establishing new job-specific hard skills, as well as soft skills. A great place to work for!
Sans titre-11_0.png
At Voisin, we truly have a culture, where we work hard with a strong team spirit, in order to make our
Florence Philippoz, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Lausanne, Switzerland
respect each other.
clients' projects successful. It is great working in this multicultural environment, where we know and
Sans titre-5_1.png
Working at Voisin Consulting is an opportunity to grow up and gain experience-based scientific and regulatory knowledge.
Romain Le Deun, M.Sc.
Senior Regulatory Scientist
Lausanne, Switzerland
overcoming their regulatory obligations from all perspectives!
As part of a greatly experienced team, you will help a broad variety of clients from the health products industry
After working for 2 years at VCLS, I decided to discover the industry from the inside for 6 years.
Once a team member, always part of the community!
But remembering the exciting moments and the intellectual stimulation I've seen here, I could not wait to come back!
Sans titre-1_1.png
The best part about working at Voisin Consulting is that it allows me to experience and learn new things pretty much every day
Rushin Jhala, M.Sc.
Regulatory Scientist
Bangalore, India
It allows me to interact with so many skilled and diverse people around the globe.
that is not something all companies can offer. It has helped me grow not just professionally, but also personally!
Sans titre-4_0.png
Great project diversity with products at the edge of innovation...working at VCLS provides the
Habib Zalila , Ph.D.
Regulatory Scientist
Lausanne, Switzerland
opportunity to contribute today in the success of tomorrow's therapies
Sans titre-13.png
What decided me to join VCLS is to be part of a group of talented people who care about each other. Although we are all
Emmanuel Phan, Pharm.D., M.Sc.
Senior Regulatory Scientist
Paris, France
principles such as openness, smooth internal communication and share of experience; it is part of its DNA. This is truly enriching
coming from different fields of expertise and different cultural environments, VCLS is constantly promoting internally important
from a personal and professional perspectives. Ultimately, the ones who are benefiting the most from VCLS philosophy are our clients.
Sans titre-12.png
Working at VCLS is very exciting. Every day I have the opportunity to work with experienced and
Francois Gianelli, Pharm.D, M.Sc.
Regulatory Scientist
Rennes, France
I've found that with a strong team challenges can be overcome...
talented people covering many areas of expertise. We are constantly presented with challenges and
Sans titre-15.png
Proud working at VCLS, enjoying a positive multinational "family" atmosphere, diverse motivated and experienced
Florence Bine-Scheck, MD
MD Senior Medical Director
Paris, France
individuals providing high quality team work in various and challenging fields, and enjoying a brilliant and trusted line managers.
Sans titre-14.png
VCLS is an organization that teaches you to think, analysis and plan for the big picture. In VCLS, the entirety of what you're
Capt. (Retd) K. Pooja Vasanth, MBA
Recruitment & Training Manager
Bangalore, India
growing in this company each year. I am always proud to be a part of VCLS Team.
doing is always linked to your ultimate goal in life and it relates to everything around it.Last 5 years has been an exceptional

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