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Human Microbiomes in Health and Disease: Strategic Options for Regulatory Science and Healthcare Policy

Post thumbnail Human Microbiomes in Health and Disease: Strategic Options for Regulatory Science and Healthcare Policy

This article describes the human microbiota and microbiomes’ strategic role in personalizing health and disease management, which is rapidly demanding diligent regulatory science and policy action to ascertain confidence and trust among consumers, patients, and healthcare providers. The authors discuss why establishing harmonized processes and standards to better understand the baseline healthy microbiota is essential to the development of strategies for nutrition and clinical applicability. They conclude that, given the complexity of issues, a well-orchestrated, multistakeholder approach is advisable for the best chance of success.

Citation Ruthsatz M, Voisin E, Lima N, D’Hondt K. Human microbiomes in health and disease: Strategic options for regulatory science and healthcare policy. Regulatory Focus. July 2020. Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society.


Published on: Sep 04, 2020 
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Manfred Ruthsatz
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Nelson Lima
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Kathleen D’Hondt
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