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Latest Glossary Definitions

In Silico

Named after the silica, main component of computer parts. In silico technologies encompass a large number of approaches that may assist in the prediction of toxicity and fate of new and existing chemicals.

EudraCT form

A harmonized application form is used for clinical trial applications across the European Union.

End of Trial (EoT) declaration

Clinical trial sponsors are required to notify regulatory authorities and ethics committees when their clinical trials have ended.

Clinical Trial Application (CTA)

The conduct of clinical trials is subject to prior authorization from health authorities, to ensure the protection of clinical trial subjects.

Case Report Form (CRF)

Data collected in the frame of a clinical trial must be recorded in order to ensure that the protocol is complied with and as a basis for the analysis of the study results.

Investigator's Brochure

Investigators need to be provided with information about the investigational medicinal product (IMP) data, in order to facilitate their understanding of the rationale for, and their compliance with, key features of a clinical trial protocol.