Individual Parallel Consultation

Individual Parallel Consultations are supported by the EUnetHTA ED Secretariat, thereby benefiting from HTA scientific and administrative coordination with centralised HTA recruitment, consolidated HTA comments and List of Issues, albeit with individual HTA written reports as the final product.

Parallel Consultation (PC)

It refers to the parallel consultation between European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) and the European Medicines Agency (

Early engagement and scientific advice with European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a key driver to faster and more often, successful registration. In addition, early discussion with HTA bodies and other stakeholders can be critical towards early patient access and...

Florence Bine-Sheck, Senior Medical Director at VCLS, shares her insights on the clinical and regulatory aspects of ATMP development in Europe.


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With a lack of adequate therapeutic options for the great number of patients living with serious diseases, both the EMA and FDA have, independently, taken measures to address this gap by enhancing the development process, leading to an increase in...

Protocol Assistance (PA)

Protocol assistance is the special form of scientific advice available for companies developing designated orphan medicines for rare diseases.