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Vice President & Head of US Operations

Nadine Ralph, MBA

Nadine is the Vice President & Head of US Operations. She is responsible for leading a team of life science professionals in all matters business, financial, and strategic for North American Operations. She has particular expertise in business development, sales promotion, and partnerships & acquisitions.

Nadine has substantial experience in leadership, business development and commercial activity gained from more than 25 years working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This includes over 20 years of management experience in both large and small global organizations.

Prior to joining VCLS, Nadine spent 18 years at GlaxoSmithKline in commercial operations in a variety of positions spanning sales, management, analytics, contracting, managed markets, and the pharmacy where she had a consistent track record of sales growth and revenue generation. She also spent 4 years working in the high tech industry within the contracting and finance groups.

Nadine is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board at VCLS and she is also a Board member at B&H Consulting Services, Inc., a VCLS Company.

Nadine holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double concentration in Business Management and Labor Relations. She also has a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Isenberg School of Management. Nadine is based in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Nadine Ralph
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