With plenty of acronyms, procedures or references, the regulatory and market access
environments are sometimes perceived as daunting. Deciphering the language is the
start to finding one’s path.
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Latest Glossary Articles

Common Technical Document (CTD)

The structure and format of applications to be submitted to regulatory authorities in the USA, Europe, and Japan has been defined within the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH).

Investigational New Drug (IND)

Administering an investigational drug to humans is subject to prior approval from regulatory authorities.

Qualified Person for PharmacoVigilance (QPPV)

Marketing Authorization Holders are responsible for monitoring the safety of products placed on the market.

European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM)

The quality of medicines and healthcare products in Europe is harmonized through different initiatives under the supervision of the European Council.

Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

Patients invited to participate in a clinical trial (=subjects), and/or in specific circumstances their legally designated representative(s), shall be fully informed about the clinical trial in ord

Informed Consent Form (ICF)

Patients, and/or in specific circumstances their legally designated representative(s), are requested to give written consent before participating in a clinical trial.