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Afterwork: AI a revolution for Healthtech development and Investment?

Post thumbnail Afterwork: AI a revolution for Healthtech development and Investment?
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Wednesday, September 20, 2023 - 19:00

AI and in silico models are set to revolutionize biotech investments and transform the entire health innovation ecosystem, join us in our Paris office for this incredible networking event dedicated to this topic.

During the event, the attendees connected with investors and gained insights from seasoned experts and forward-thinking visionaries on how to seamlessly integrate AI, evolve business model, and stay ahead of the competition.

Our esteemed guest speakers, hailing from diverse backgrounds such as institutional VC and startup CEOs, delved into the immense potential of AI in enhancing internal processes, uncovered innovative trends in startups, made predictions for AI in the health ecosystem, and explored the global AI race.

See below how our honored participants value this event!


Thierry Marchal thumbnail

Thierry Marchal

Secretary General and Founding Member at Avicenna Alliance

Chahra Louafi thumbnail

Chahra Louafi

Senior Investment Director and Head of the Autonomous Patient Fund at Bpifrance

Mohammed Afshar thumbnail

Mohammed Afshar

CEO at Ariana Pharma

Timothé Cynober thumbnail

Timothé Cynober

Business Development Lead at WhiteLab Genomics

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