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Product development strategy - Communication with regulators and payers
People-Powered Solutions,
Supplement your ressource - Strategic advice through to hands-on delivery
Product experts - Spanning the full spectrum of health products
Dialogue with local Regulators and Payers - Design global strategies, adapt execution to local markets
Throughout Development and Commercialization
A Suite of People-Powered Solutions
90 seasoned health sciences experts supplementing your own resource across
North America, Europe and Southeast Asia - from stategy through implementation.
Long-term collaborations spanning across product life cycle
"Your report provides essential strategic information, critical for the development of our project."
"I am very impresses with your deliverables. Very useful, comprehensive - these
"Thank you for the challenges we have overcome together over the past 10 years."
prove that VCLS is not just another consultancy but a real business partner for entrepreneurs."
Top 10 Pharma
Start-up Medtech company
Mid-cap Biotech company
Clients appreciate our educational style of consulting, which helps their teams to
become more knowledgeable and self-reliant. We also share our opinions within the life
sciences community, and provide a variety of training courses.

Welcome to Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

VCLS supports life science companies throughout product development, and engages in communication with
regulators and payers. We partner with Biotech, Pharma and Medtech manufacturers to develop, register and launch
innovative products in North American and European markets.
Through a network of partners, we also assist clients in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and a number
of additional markets. We provide people-powered solutions to complement our clients’ in-house resources, from product
development strategy, communication with regulators and payers up to market authorization and reimbursement.


Meeting opportunities in the coming months in the US, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Israel

From September to November 2014
Our team will be participating in several international con...

Workshop - Clinical Development Plan: Obtain Insights from Regulators and Payers

June 10th, 2014 – 5:30pm - 8pm
France Biotech-Salle Pasteur 3-5 Impasse Reille Paris 7500...

Increase commercial value through an integrated EU and US regulatory strategy

June 9, 2014 – 5pm -7:30pm
Royal College of Surgeons 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London...

Successful EU-US Clinical Drug Development: How to address both markets without duplicating work?

June 12th, 2014 – 14:00-17:30
Fondation EPFL - Innovation Park, Building D, Lausanne, Swi...