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Individual Parallel Consultation

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Individual Parallel Consultations are supported by the EUnetHTA ED Secretariat, thereby benefiting from HTA scientific and administrative coordination with centralised HTA recruitment, consolidated HTA comments and List of Issues, albeit with individual HTA written reports as the final product. Opportunities for closed discussion amongst HTA, and with Regulators, with mutual understanding/problem solving are maximised. HTAB Rapporteur(s) are not appointed in Individual Parallel Consultations.

As with the consolidated pathway, the EUnetHTA ED Secretariat recruits HTABs to participate in the Individual Parallel Consultations pathway in a centralised fashion, thereby replacing the need for Applicants to contact HTABs independently to request participation. The HTAB preferences expressed by the Applicant in their Letter of Intent will be taken into account to the extent possible. However, the Applicant should keep in mind that eligibility criteria and scope of assessment may differ for individual HTABs based on their national/regional regulation and expertise. Applicants should contact the EUnetHTA ED Secretariat for further specific details regarding the HTAB that can take part in this Parallel Consultations where needed.

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