In Silico approach whitepaper

Until recently, all pharmacology characterization was involving in vitro  and  in vivo  studies. Important efforts arebeing made to refine  in vitro and animal models to ensure better translation to human physiology in health and disease. Today, drug discovery faces however rising numbers of new molecules to evaluate vs. increasing costs of drug discovery and results not always meeting expectations. This raises the need of novel analytical tools to complete data collected  in vitro  and in vivo: this became possible with the development of computational sciences. 

The aim of this whitepaper is to look and advantages and limits of toxicology predicition in regards to the current regulatory environment. 


Carlo Chiavaroli, Senior Director Nonclinical & Early Clinical Development

With 20 years in diverse areas of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Carlo Chiavaroli has considerable expertise in the drug development process. At Voisin Consulting, the main projects in which Carlo is involved concern the following therapeutic areas: Oncology, CNS disorders, Autoimmune, Ophthalmology, Respiratory Disease, Inflammation, Muscular Dystrophies, Dermatology, Vaccines, Pain, Stroke, (cardio)vascular Disorders, and Reproduction.


Cécile Rousseau, Director Regulatory Nonclinical / Clinical group

With 10+ years in nonclinical and translational research and histotechnology, Dr. Cécile F. Rousseau has considerable expertise in medical devices, engineered cellular therapies and companion diagnostics. At VCLS, the main projects in which Cécile is involved concern the nonclinical and clinical areas, including but not limited to medical devices, cellular therapy, gene therapy, and in vitro diagnostics.

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