square peg

Anne Dupraz Poiseau and Stuart Mudge examine the European Commission's proposal for a regulatory framework for human tissue engineered products.

Anne Dupraz Poiseau, Executive Vice President 

Responsible for the definition of the Corporate Strategy and Business Development implementation plan. Participation in the structuration of the Company to allow future growth (internal and through acquisition). Managerial and expertise responsibilities and acts as senior Advisor on Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMPs, in particular on cell and tissue based therapies), combination products (drug/device combinations) and medical devices related projects (incl. e- and m-health). 

Stuart Mudge, Senior Consultant Product Development

Stuart's focus was providing regulatory and project management services to a range of clients, typically emerging life science companies seeking to develop their products in the European and USA markets. At all times the goal was to deliver and implement development plans that were compatible with both Europe and the USA.

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