Orphan Drug_Rare Disease

Rare diseases are referred to as “orphan diseases”, and the products intended to treat them as “orphan medicinal products”. In addition to rare diseases, orphan diseases include those for which developing new therapeutic tools is not profitable. Following the international examples of the United States, Australia and Japan, Europe adopted its “Orphan Regulation” on December 16, 1999 (European Commission Regulations EC No. 141/2000 (1) and EC No. 847/2000 (2)).


Emmanuelle M. Voisin,Founder and CEO 

Emmanuelle Voisin founded Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS) in 1997. The firm has become a leading advisor to Biotech, Pharma and Medtech manufacturers for the development, registration and launch of innovative medical technologies across international markets. Emmanuelle Voisin has 30 years’ experience in drug development. Her expertise lies in non-conventional development strategies, maximizing the use of regulatory mechanisms and innovative approaches to drug development, to bring innovative technologies to patients.

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