Brexit impact for pharmaceuticals

The current trading dynamic between the UK and EU, in the pharmaceutical sector, represents one of most integrated relationships of all the industry sectors.  Not only in terms of product trade, but also in terms of R&D,  legislative and regulatory networks, which has been developed for over 40 years. However, the Brexit now appears as game-changer in this relationship, and its impact might be substantially high for pharmaceutical companies which are not prepared on time.
Here’s a snapshot of some of the statistics reflecting the current dynamic and the key dates for Brexit preparation:


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Peter Embley, PGDPRA, MTOPRA Senior Director, Regulatory Science, Drugs & Biologics

Peter Embley, PGDPRA, MTOPRA

Peter brings over 19 years applied industrial and commercial biopharmaceutical experience to his role, including seventeen years in Regulatory Science; working within the Generic, R&D and CRO industries. Peter has a strong grounding in EU legislation and filing strategies and has developed both regional and global strategic perspectives coupled with commercial acumen and experience working within multicultural project teams.

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