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Biotech start-up studio : it’s not just about the money

Post thumbnail Biotech start-up studio : it’s not just about the money
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Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 19:00

A venture capital fund injects money into its investments, but its mission doesn’t stop there. It accompanies the management of start-ups at every strategic stage and opens its address book to help them find talent and partners.

But some have chosen to go further, creating companies from academic programs and patents, piloting the start-ups themselves in the seed phase and forging partnerships as soon as the projects are launched.

This model is not totally new, but it is enjoying growing success. And several new “start-up studios” have been launched on the European life sciences venture capital scene.

Our guests will share their stories and experiences with us. They will explain the issues underlying this new approach to early-stage investing, as well as their ambitions and the risks they identify.



Cécile Réal thumbnail

Cécile Réal


Thierry Laugel thumbnail

Thierry Laugel

Managing Partner at Kurma Partners

Rodolphe Besserve thumbnail

Rodolphe Besserve

Group CEO at eureKARE

Joël Crouzet   thumbnail

Joël Crouzet

Chief Executive Officer at Ermium Therapeutics

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