There is some variation in the eligibility criteria and features of breakthrough therapy designation (BTD), regenerative medicine advanced therapy (RMAT) designation, and the PRIority MEdicines (PRIME) scheme, as will be explained in this review. The expectations...

Project Management Plan

The purpose of this document is to define the scope of activities, outline responsibilities (define task and roles) and provide guidance on a specific project.


Is the European Databank on Medical Devices. It’s a secure, web-based portal that acts as a central hive for the exchange of information between national competent authorities and the European Commission.

By setting mandatory requirements, paediatric regulations implemented in the EU and the US have allowed the development of – and improved access to – high-quality drugs for the paediatric population. It is acknowledged that paediatric development remains a challenge...

The conference, organized by TOPRA in collaboration with the European Commission (EC), was the opportunity to hear about the EC’s 10-year review report to the European Parliament and the Council. The report provides an account of the paediatric regulation’s...

Consolidated Parallel Consultation

Products selected for this pathway will have an EDC composed of the EDWP members and up to 3 additional HTABs. Once the decision to proceed with a Consolidated Parallel Consultation has been taken, the EUnetHTA ED Secretariat begins the process of recruiting additional HTABs to compose the EDC.

Early Dialogues Committee (EDC)

The Early Dialogue Committee (EDC) is constituted for a specific product and the members will fluctuate to a degree for each Consultation. In the case of Consolidated Parallel Consultations, all EDWP members and a maximum of 3 other HTA members (from EUnetHTA WP5) will participate.

Early Dialogues Working Party (EDWP)

The Early Dialogues Working Party (EDWP) is a standing committee established by EUnetHTA to ensure robust high-quality HTA outputs. All EDWP members will participate in procedures selected for Consolidated Parallel Consultation.

Health Technology Assessment Bodies (HTABs)

Regional and national HTA bodies provide recommendations on medicines and other health technologies that can be financed or reimbursed by the healthcare system in a particular Member State or region.