General Manager, Swiss Operations

As part of the Senior management, Dr. Christophe Reymond is in charge of managing VCLS’ Swiss operations. He is promoting contacts and maintaining networks in particular with EPFL and local Universities as well as ETH. His activity includes the development of business activities and the assessment of local opportunities throughout Switzerland. He promotes VCLS values locally, making them visible and attractive in line with our clients’ expectations.

Dr. Reymond’s broad expertise includes strategic planning, people, and process management. His scientific knowledge and Biotech experience allow him to understand the needs of clients throughout the development path of their drug product(s).

Dr. Reymond has over 20 years experience as CSO in Biotech companies. As Founder and Director, he contributed to the development of start-ups as well as accompanied their development through milestones achievements and financing rounds. His managerial experience included supervision of clinical trials and related interactions with regulatory authorities.

Previously, Dr. Reymond acted as a professor at the University of Lausanne Medical School while leading a research group in developmental biology. Before, he conducted a research group on oncogenes at the Swiss cancer research institute (ISREC). His molecular biology training was acquired through a thesis at the University of Geneva and a postdoctoral stay at the University of California San Diego, USA.

Dr. Reymond has published over 40 original articles in international peer-reviewed journals, reviews and book chapters covering various scientific aspects of immunology, developmental biology, and innovative technologies.

Publications & Webinars