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Chief Operations Officer & Managing Director of IWAC

Cécile Crozatier

As Chief Operations Officer at VCLS, Cécile is responsible for the direction and coordination of the company, and its consulting team in particular, through the leadership of the Operations Committee and the company’s Change Management platform. She promotes process efficiency, improvement initiatives and people capability and adaptability building, ensuring the performance of VCLS, both with regards to its clients as well as to its employees.

In addition of this role, Cécile is also Managing Director of IWA Consulting Aps, a VCLS company, and responsible for leading a team of life science professionals in all matters business, financial, and strategic for North European Operations.

Cécile is a member of the Executive Committee of VCLS.

A scientist by training, Cécile has over 15 years’ experience in academic research, pharmaceutical industry, technology transfer and alliance management. Prior to joining VCLS, Cécile gained a strong background in Alliance Management and Business Development through multiple commercial positions in the industry where she developed a sharp minded approach to negotiation, contractualization, and implementation through working on a large variety of transactions. Management forward is part of Cecile’s mindset as all transactions led to the implementation key operational projects that she led – such as a simultaneous launch of co-marketed products in France, coordinating 400+ sales representatives or a strategic public-private discovery alliance, which resulted in an optimized in-licensing of a major immuno-oncology product, reducing drastically clinical development timelines and efforts.

Cécile started her career with hands-on scientific research in a multicultural setting during Doctoral & Postdoctoral positions, giving Cécile a deep understanding of the challenges often faced by clients.

During her training in France (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Supérieure), China (Peking and Wuhan University) and Japan (Kyoto University), Cécile developed a deep understanding of excellence, independently of cultural or scientific differences and thrived in building bridges and trust where the root of many innovations lie.

Crozatier holds a Ph.D. in Micro and Nano-bioengineering. Cécile is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Cecile Crozatier - VCLS
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