We pride ourselves on being a good citizen in the community

Social responsibility is a key stakeholder

At VCLS, we consider our social responsibility to be one of our priorities, and it remains vital to our mission and values. We aim at building a safer, more sustainable, and more comfortable society for people around the world. We lead through business success and strive to foster trust in our community and society. 

Flight against cancer race

Fight against diseases

Commitment to human health doesn’t stop at the office door. Our team participates in events that support the fight against cancer and other diseases. Through active participation, we aim to share a message of hope to all those affected by difficult diseases.  

Healthcare & educational support

We help expand access to quality healthcare and educational opportunities to those in need by offering funding and resources to both non-profit associations and scientific foundations. 

educational program
Innovation Art

Innovation everywhere

Innovation is at the heart of VCLS.  We proudly support  innovative projects from scientific research to contemporary art.

Passion & technique

Sports are another opportunity for VCLS to combine passion and performance with talent and technique. We are proud to support various sporting events such as DART and racing.