We author publications presenting our opinions, methodological approaches to health
products development, and our views on environment changes.

VCLS White Paper - Early Access Programmes / Compassionate Use Programmes

June 2017 .
Voisin Consulting Life Sciences - White paper

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: An Innovative and Collaborative Approach

June 2017 .
Regulatory Rapporteur - Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

Navigating the Maze of m-Health Regulation and Development

May 2017
Voisin Consulting Life Sciences - White Paper

Overcoming the Challenges of Establishing Expanded Access Programs in European Member States – A Regional Review

May 2017
22nd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

Considerations for developing EU risk management plans

February 2017
Regulatory Rapporteur - TOPRA

Obtaining orphan status – A key milestone within a development strategy

July / August 2016
Regulatory Rapporteur - TOPRA