March 20th, 2015 - 03:00 pm
Voisin Consulting Life Science - 3, rue des Longs Prés 92100 Boulogne

VCLS Webinar Series

Initiating CTs in the EU

Current Scenario and Upcoming Changes

Presenters: Cécile Henrot & Delphine Decker

Date:          March 31, 2015

Duration:    45 Minutes

Time:          5pm CET / 11am EST / 8am PDT

How to initiate clinical studies in Europe, or include European sites in global clinical trials?

With 28 member states and associated countries, initiating a clinical trial in the EU is perceived by many in the industry to be a daunting challenge. Upcoming changes in the regulations will change the clinical trial approval process, and make it much easier for pharma and biotech companies.

Objectives of the session:

  • Understand the current scenario for including European site(s) in your clinical trials;

  • Anticipate and plan for future changes and their impact on the overall approval process and timeline.

About the presenters:

Delphine Decker, is a Director at Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, with extensive experience in the design and implementation of regulatory strategies for the clinical development and registration of drugs and innovative medicinal products.

Cécile Henrot, is a Senior Regulatory Scientist at Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, who specializes in clinical trials.

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