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Community Involvement
At VCLS, social responsibilty remains vital to our mission, and aligned with our values
We pursue a safer, sustainable, comfortable society for people around the world
Our goal is to be admired as much for our business successes as for the society and community trust we strive to foster

Whether during large events or in our day-to-day activities, our people share strong corporate values that apply to all our activities.

VCLS Collaborative Events

Commitment to human health doesn’t stop at the office door. We get together and participate in events to support the fight against cancer. Through this contribution, we aim to share a message of hope to people living with cancer and to those who support them.

ESCA Paddle for Cancer


In Lausanne, our employees participated in the ESCA Paddle for Cancer. This is a fundraising event to offer aid to those affected by cancer by providing emotional support, practical help and information in English in the Leman area and in neighboring France.

La Parisienne


In Paris, our team has already participated twice in the notorious “La Parisienne” race, an event to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

Race for Life

In London, our English collaborators entered the 2015’s Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’. The challenge was to run over a series of obstacles for 3 miles whilst being covered in mud.

Paddle for Pink Festival

In Somerville, the B&H team participated in the 2016 Paddle for Pink Festival. The Paddle for Pink Dragon Boat Festival promotes breast cancer awareness and provides for donation of fundraising proceeds to support breast cancer patients and survivors with rehabilitation programs, education and cancer research.


VCLS Sponsorship

VCLS is not only a partner for health research but also a support to the wider humanitarian cause.

VCLS Sponsorship with Sri Sathya Sai Organisation (SSSO) in India

At VCLS, we consider our social responsibility to be one of our priorities, and it remains vital to our mission and values. We help expand access to quality healthcare and educational opportunities for those most in need by offering funding and resources to non-profit associations, such as Sri Sathya Sai Organisation (SSSO) in India.

Sponsorship with Plan International in the Philippines


For nearly 3 years, VCLS had been sponsoring 20 children in the Philippines, mostly in the Samar East Zone, which was affected by the Typhoon Haiyan. These children were provided with basic school supplies, improved access to portable water and sanitation. More widely, efforts went to subsidies for the transport and boarding costs for poorer families – to allow children to stay at school – or incentive to create community savings’ groups, promoting the rights of young girls, setting up a Child and Gender Protection Unit, training an emergency response junior team, improving access to health services and health establishment, and supporting for vocational training. VCLS is proud to work with local help groups like Plan International, and the notes we exchange with the children, their parents and their caregivers prove the effort more than worthwhile.


“Ensemble pour un sourire”


VCLS partners with Ensemble pour un sourire, a non-profit association which organizes various events to help disabled people. This year, this association organizes a special fundraising event. Two runners will race for more than 650km from October 29th to November 5Th around Brittany to help Florian, a 3 year old boy suffering from many brain malformations of origins yet unknown.


The Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation


VCLS is a proud sponsor of the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation's Drawing Prize. This prize aims at promoting drawing among the Arts, and allow artists to pursue their creative work.




Sponsoring of sailing is in keeping with the spirit of efficiency, solidarity and creativeness that inspires us. VCLS has been very happy to sponsor darts for the last few years.


Fondations Maladies Rares

VCLS also partners with “Fondations Maladies Rares”, a scientific co-operation foundation which aims at accelerating research for rare diseases. It finances and supports targeted projects for these kinds of diseases. Through these efforts, it strives to improve the daily life of patients affected by less common illnesses.